Move your business in to the cloud

Cloud services allow small businesses access to enterprise-level infrastructure without having to implement costly hardware and software in-house. Instead, businesses are able to lease the hardware, software, or services needed from a provider at an affordable rate. The provider takes care of the maintenance & upkeep of all those back end systems while you keep your focus on your business. For small to medium sized businesses this is a growing trend as most companies of that size need a modern setup that is more affordable and reliable.

All systems in the cloud or a hybrid solution?

Some business would prefer to keep part of their systems maintained in-house. A hybrid solution means that some services are hosted externally, while others are managed with hardware kept in-house. Another scenario would be to have identical services setup in both locations for redundancy. In this example if your business is storing critical data in the cloud, it would be prudent to make sure that data is replicated to local storage devices in the event that the cloud service becomes unavailable. After analyzing your company’s structure we can help you determine which is best for you.

Libra I.T. offers a wide variety of hosted cloud solutions including:

Cloud Servers

Replace costly in-house servers with managed systems that are scalable and up-to-date. Great for Domain controllers, SQL servers, Web servers, File servers, Terminal servers, and Application servers to name a few.

Hosted exchange email

Move your email system over to an enterprise-class setup without having to worry about management and costs of an in-house exchange server.

Hosted collaboration

Take advantage of online collaboration technologies such as cloud file sharing, SharePoint, and more.

Hosted VoIP services

Set your business up with a phone system that is easy to use and scalable with no internal hardware for you to manage or maintain.

Hosted Antivirus & Security

Libra I.T.’s monitoring technologies and security practices allow us to keep a close eye on your network’s security. Concentrate on your business with the peace of mind that your systems are safe and secure.

Offsite Backups

Offsite storage of your company’s critical data is a crucial part of any business backup strategy. We’ll install software that is automated, actively monitored, and fully scalable to secure you data offsite.

To learn more about these cloud services, contact us today!