Personal Security is becoming more and more popular a concern and a subsequently growing market.  I have compiled a list of the Latest and Greatest Personal Security Gadgets for 2018.

SmartMetric’s Biometric, Cyber/Access/Identity multifunction security card, seems as impressive as it sounds.  With key features like; scanning AND storing the cardholder’s fingerprint within the card and the card’s ability to recharge its power management system while being used in card readers is no wonder this card could be THE credit, identification, or library card of the future.

Sunny Optical Biometric Identification Lense Sets: These cameras have iris recognition capabilities, eye tracking, and even vein recognition.  Effectively bringing retinal scanners into 2018.

Behavioral Biometrics, is a growing field with 2 products that promise to increase personal and network security to that next level. Behaviosec & Telesign Behavior ID can both recognize and monitor users behavior with features like keystroke dynamics, touch and mouse motion AND GUI Interaction and analyze it and automatically notify you if a users behavioral patterns have changed.

XYGPS Tracker for everything (almost?):

The latest tracker from The Findables Company offers a new Tracker that can be placed on anything that might move, a dog collar, a Suitcase, your Electronics etc. 

 The AR4X Intelligent Security Camera; has impressive features like Facial Recognition, AI Detection, Military Encryption Protection, A Cloud Subscription Plan, as well as more makes this the spy level security camera for the seriously protective.
Verimark Fingerprint Key; is an easily integratable, portable, fingerprint scanner that plugs into the USB drive.  This Finger Print Scanner has multiple uses but would up your Personal Security across not only your Operating System, but also your couldbased services and software provider's Account Verification Processes making it incredibly hard to "spoof."