According to Business News Daily, the long and short of Cloud Computing on the whole is that you have Software, Storage, Back-ups and Communication availability to your Employees anytime anywhere. Cloud computing can benefit your business in some really nice ways like the ability to have Mary send that file over from her phone on her sick day so you don’t lose the Client, or the ability to pay for less physical office space and hire qualified workers rather than what you can get locally so your business is not bound to traditional constraints. There are equal benefits for businesses that require local employees, like security firms that use Cloud Hosting and SaaS to monitor their employees and stay on top of the physical security of their contracted locations anytime anywhere. And still some companies may benefit from integrating only Cloud Storage and Backup to add the extra layer of Protection from Malware Attackers and to continue to find your files at anytime from any device.

If you’re a smaller business you probably can’t afford to build and maintain a Private Cloud, but there are already so many successful Public Cloud Storage Options from Dropbox to OneDrive to FileShare finding the most cost effective and manageable provider is easier than it sounds.

The integration of Cloud Computing with your Employees will need to be taken into account. What is your team capable of learning and what is most important for your business. Training will most likely need to be a part of the integration process for it to be successful, but eventually we will all have to learn these things anyway.

The question of whether it is safe or not is debatable. It seems highly unlikely Cloud Data can be infiltrated if the verification process for employees to access the cloud is not only at standards or above but maintained on a whole. If the security of your Cloud is at the forefront of your thoughts consider implementing a Mandated 2 or 3 step verification and look to the future for Smart Security software (called Behavioral Recognition Software) that can track your employees interaction with the cloud and determine whether the employee’s behavior is out of the norm or not. Or USB Port Retinal Scanners and USB Port Fingerprint Scanners. If you are serious about security there are always new security avenues and they are worth looking into.