From designboom, teamlab’s Borderless Immersive Experience, currently in Japan, is a Digital Art Museum unlike anything. One that not only surrounds the visitor in stunning visual movement, but is also dependent on the visitor’s interaction to determine the movement of the artwork. According to designboom, teamlab had this to say about the use of digital technology to create a new kind of artistic experience: “digital technology allows artistic expression to be released from the material world, gaining the ability to change form freely. the environments where viewers and artworks are placed together allow us to decide how to express those changes.”


Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art currently has an exhibit titled “I Was Raised On The Internet” that is more a commentary on the effects of Modern Technology in Human Experience through Art. According to MCA, “The exhibition seeks to put into language the idea of the “millennial’”—in the truest sense of the word—extrapolating the terms used by artists and creative practitioners in relation to the internet” The Exhibit features not only more classic forms of contemporary art like sculptures, paintings, video and photography, but they even have Virtual Reality and other Interactive Elements considered to be emerging trends.


The Creativate Digital Arts Festival in South Africa sounds like a creative’s wonderland. From the “Self Made” Exhibit in which the viewer becomes the user as they scroll through an Instagram feed which the user can follow through the duration of the exhibit. “Self.made.babe posts rotoscope animations which depict the type of content we are all accustomed to seeing on Instagram: pouting selfies, adoring pet posts, etc. The animation technique borrows from live footage creating a parallel between the imagined content that is being posted and the ‘real life’ from which it stems.”Doghouse” attempts to join Theatre and Virtual Reality to give the visitor quite another perspective. A dinner table is set up for Five and at each seat is a VR Headset. The Headset allows you to become one of the characters in the VR film, thus you are experiencing the whole dinner from the perspective of the character whom you are "playing."


It is evident that the future of Art through technology is taking on strange and interesting forms in which we amalgamate the musical, visual, interactive, and physical into experiences unlike those we have yet participated in.