In the video featured above from Wired, you are introduced to an innovative robot with Artificial Intelligence named Tug.  Tug is programmed mostly to deliver necessary hospital supplies from bed sheets to prescription drugs, from Nurse Lunches to Transplant Organs and much more. Tug creates a map of it's environment using lasers and sonar to drive itself from point A to point B.  It is programmed to know when to stop so that it doesn't run into anyone or anything.  It is programmed to call for help when it gets stuck, by remotely alerting a Support Center.  Humans surrounding Tug are required to treat it "like a grandparent" with patience and care.  Since Tug carries sensitive materials, like prescription drugs, he has a pin pad that only authorized users are able to utilize and only in authorized locations.  The genius of Tug is not to replace Nurses but to relieve them of laborious, time consuming tasks to allow them to do more important work that requires expertise and Human Interaction.