Support guarantees:

Proactive system maintenance guarantee:
  • Qualified Service technicians will remotely monitor any systems on our maintenance plans
  • Any Critical issues identified by our technicians will attempt to be corrected for up to 1 hour of the technician’s time. Essentially any issues covered under our maintenance plan has a 1 hour labor warranty.
  • Our clients will be notified if any critical issues identified require the replacement of hardware or additional labor costs outside of the maintenance plan.
  • Any data backup processes for computers under the maintenance plan will be actively monitored and routinely tested for proper operation.

Quick Response:
  • Most service calls are responded to within 15 minutes, however we guarantee to respond to any service call within 2 hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Our technicians will attempt to resolve any issues remotely at our lower offsite hourly rate and will only arrive onsite if absolutely necessary.
  • Any catastrophic systems failures such as server failures or loss of network wide internet will be considered a priority and will be addressed immediately until the situation can be resolved.

Qualified Service Technicians guarantee:
  • All our technicians maintain industry standard certifications
  • We also require ongoing training for any of our technicians who implement our technology formula’s and strategies
  • Our technicians and staff are required to continuously research and test new technologies to keep our clients up to date and on the cutting edge of technology.

Website 99.9% up time SLA guarantee:
  • Our hosting service comes with a 99.9% uptime service level agreement. This ensures that your website will not go offline due to our systems.
  • All of our hosting servers are maintained by trained technicians in a secure data center on the backbone of the internet.
  • All of our hosting servers are actively monitored to prevent any unauthorized intrusions or malicious internet attacks.

Email hosting 99.9% up time SLA guarantee:
  • Our Exchange email hosting service provides a 99.9% up time service level agreement to ensure that your email traffic will never be interrupted due to our servers.
  • All email data is backed up on our email servers in a secure data center that is maintained by trained service engineers.

The latest emailing technologies and server systems will always be available to our clients