"I am writing this letter as a business owner who has used the services of Libra I.T.  As is common with most businesses, I need my computer to run a successful company.  We all know when your computers are down, so is business. After contacting Libra I.T. we were hoping that they would live up to our expectations.  Most computer companies we have used in the past have left us with uneasy feelings.  Unreturned phone calls, no shows, and many times the problems were never fixed!  So we did not have very high hopes in finding a great computer company to work with. Well, I have to say Libra I.T. exceeded our expectations, and we would refer them to anyone that needed computer support.  They were attentive to all of our needs, returned phone calls almost immediately, and worked around our schedule to not interfere with our computer time.  The following are just a few reasons we are writing this letter of recommendation.

  • Returns calls promptly
  • Always on time
  • Follow up calls making sure we are up and running
  • Personable
  • Organized/Efficient
  • Respectful of our hours of operation for repairs
  • Extremely knowledgeable
  • Affordable
  • Great clean up
  • Very honest and upfront

Those are just a few reasons I would recommend Libra I.T. to anyone in business or even a homeowner looking for computer support.  In today’s economy word of mouth is the way to market your business and that is why I decided to write this letter.  I hope you choose Libra I.T.; you won’t regret it!"

Keith Slattery
Stone Hill Produce Inc.


"Libra I.T. has raised the bar on service for an I.T. company.  They are quick, responsive, efficient, and diligent.  I’m totally satisfied."

Susan Grover
Morris Tait & Associates


"You have, by far, been the best thing that ever happened to us since we became dependent on the PC. We wish to thank you and ask you to feel free to have anyone you want call us regarding your ability to simplify their lives if they have computer issues. 

If everyone I had to do business with had the same work ethic and ability to get things back on line that you do the world would be a better place. We feel you are like part of our family, the part that we depend on to get things done. If you have a prospective client who needs someone to speak to regarding a level of comfort have them call any time. Please add my numbers (949) 496-2219 office my personal cell (949) 378-1600, I will take their calls anytime, happily. I can't remember how many times you bailed us out of hot water before a business meeting in some far off place over the web fixing our computer issues. It is one thing to need help a couple of miles away but you make us look like a bigger company as people watch you do your magic thousands of miles away. Beside the fact you are really likable, Cheryl & I could never thank you enough." 

Chuck & Cheryl MacGregor
MacGregor Brokerage


"Grant:  Just wanted to let you know how much we think of your service and staff.  We have been extremely pleased with your responsiveness, both on the telephone and when an on-site visit was necessary.  More importantly you have always resolved our issues.  Your staff is pleasant and knowledgeable and has always gone beyond the call of duty to insure that when they left, all was well.  Your ability to connect on-line to our system has saved us time and money.  Please keep up the good work.  We would be pleased to talk to anyone about your company and its services."

Mary M. Beck, Vice President
winedoggybag.com llc
31103 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite 2138
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


"Like many other small companies, getting a timely response from “computer guys” has continually been a problem for us. This is no longer an issue with the professional and attentive staff at Libra I.T.  

We’ve been using Libra I.T. for over a year and we’ve never been happier with an IT service.  This all-encompassing company has helped us with everything from email filters to starting up our inventory management system. Libra I.T. can troubleshoot and correct small problems immediately by connecting remotely to our computers.  More time consuming complications can be handled remotely as well, but after hours, so our business day is affected as little as possible.  Monthly preventative maintenance has proven to reduce the frequency of bigger problems and overall costs.  This close monitoring of our systems and constant communication also makes Libra I.T. more in tune to our wants and needs. Don’t waste any more time waiting for action from one of those other guys.  Look to Libra I.T. for the immediate and lasting answer to all your I.T. needs."

Dana Hines
Aquatrends Pools Service