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What Our Clients Say About LIBRA I.T.

"As a small business manager my time is best spent helping employees take care of our clients. Doesn’t leave much time for IT work. Partnering with LibraIT took the burden of maintaining technology systems completely off my plate. With LibraIT’s prompt service, preventative maintenance, and beneficial system solutions I no longer worry about IT. I can get back to work and our employees can be productive."
Jeff Bartlett
"We’ve been using Libra I.T. for over a year and we’ve never been happier with an IT service. This all-encompassing company has helped us with everything from email filters to starting up our inventory management system. Libra I.T. can troubleshoot and correct small problems immediately by connecting remotely to our computers. More time consuming complications can be handled remotely as well, but after hours, so our business day is affected as little as possible. Monthly preventative maintenance has proven to reduce the frequency of bigger problems and overall costs. This close monitoring of our systems and constant communication also makes Libra I.T. more in tune to our wants and needs. Don’t waste any more time waiting for action from one of those other guys. Look to Libra I.T. for the immediate and lasting answer to all your I.T. needs."
Dana Hines
Aquatrends Pools Service
"Libra IT was referred to me by a client in June 2017 and the timing was perfect. Now I could not imagine running my company without them. Libra IT developed our information security policy and set up our encryption program. They understood the changes that needed to be implemented due to the consumer protection act and brought ATS up to speed. I can rest easy knowing that our data is backed up and secured by the best. Our company has moved several times and our needs have changed with the fluctuating interest rates and real estate market. Libra IT has been there for it all and have tailored their services to our changing needs. They have made it possible for me to focus on my area of expertise, which is absolutely not technology. Most of all, I appreciate Libra IT for their quick response, follow up and just plain ability to communicate in a way that I can understand and not least of all, their patience. Grant and his team are the best of the best. I recommend Libra IT whenever the opportunity arises."
Jeri Wolfe
ATS Document Service, Inc.