Services Overview

Standard help desk support

Libra I.T. offers first-class computer support. Our technicians will remotely connect to your computer to diagnose and assist you with any problem you may be experiencing. If the problem can’t be corrected remotely, we’ll come out and repair your system onsite. Our certified technicians provide fast & affordable business networking services and technical computer support. Let us be your IT department for a fraction of the cost of in house personnel.

Break and fix services

Whether it’s an office computer or home system, sometimes an individual computer needs some basic repair work. We’ll investigate personal computer or laptop problems to correct operating system errors, remove viruses, and replace damaged hardware components. We’ll also help customers with specific program errors they may be experiencing to the best of our ability. A system tune up is also sometimes needed to optimize your computer. We’ll use every method available to make sure your computer is running at peak performance.

Network wide Management

After performing a full review of your company’s hardware and software network infrastructure, Libra I.T.’s staff will assess and identify critical elements that may affect your network’s reliability, security, and efficiency. Libra I.T. has extensive experience implementing proven hardware and networking methods to ensure your business stays productive, leveraging effective cutting edge technology with reliability. We can install state-of-the-art monitoring software that will help us identify possible future problems on your network before they cause any downtime. Our network management solutions provide up-to-date status information for virtually any hardware on your network (servers, computers, routers, switches, access points, NAS drives, printers, etc). Let Libra I.T. help keep your systems organized and optimized for performance.

Hosted enterprise level email

Stop using inefficient and unreliable e-mail for your business. Libra I.T. provides feature-rich business class E-mail hosted on a Fortune 500-grade infrastructure. Our Exchange E-mail setup will allow you to synchronize multiple devices to one mailbox, get E-mail, contacts, and calendar items on your phone, wirelessly in real time. This custom setup also maintains a real time mirror of your outlook data on our servers so you’ll never lose an E-mail, contact, or calendar item if your computer crashes. These are just some of the advantages of this extremely reliable E-mail system. Please contact us to learn more.

Hosted VOIP Services

Choosing a phone system is one of the most critical decisions for your business. Our Hosted VOIP service offers cloud-based phone systems with enterprise-grade calling features for employees in your organization. It simplifies administration for scalability, adjustments, and advanced calling features. Many VOIP companies just configure the hardware remotely and ship it to the customer, leaving the end user to deal with any potential problems. Most rely on a one time remote training session as well to show their clients how to use the system. We’ll configure your phone system and bring it out onsite ourselves to set up, test, and train your staff. After the setup is complete, we’ll always be a call away to assist with any issues, whether they require us to come out onsite or resolve the problem remotely.

Website Hosting

We provide hosting services for your site right on the backbone of the internet. Our exceptionally fast internet servers are actively monitored and backed up. Have the peace of mind knowing that your website will always be available for viewing.

Website Development

Having a custom website can be a valuable marketing tool in today’s business. Sit down with our designers and let us create a sleek and innovative web presence for your company.

Managed Antivirus & Security

Staying ahead of security breaches and virus intrusions to your network is always going to be an ongoing commitment. We’re constantly reviewing performance articles to see which security software is ahead of the game so we know what to deploy for our clients. With our monitoring software, we’ll be able to detect any software threats to your network, identify security vulnerabilities, and quickly and effectively address any potential problems. Our goal is to constantly review and improve your network’s security so that your systems are adaptive to future cyber threats.

Cloud Servers

Many companies will shift their on-premise servers to the cloud over the next three years. The advantages for moving your on-premise systems into the cloud is performance, reliability, support, and overall savings in cost. Our cloud servers allow small to medium-sized businesses the advantages of an enterprise-grade cloud application infrastructure. Cloud servers are a platform for most common business applications, including: terminal servers, web applications, SQL, Quickbooks, File servers, Active Directory Domain Controllers, and much more. With our 99.999% uptime SLA, our cloud server offering is a worry-free solution for your business.

Software & Hardware Sales

Libra I.T. offers our clients a one stop shop for all your technology needs. Let us help you take the guess work out of what type of software or hardware might be right for your situation. Our company is partnered with several distributors for just about any kind of software or hardware your organization might need. Take advantage of our staff’s unique perspective on what brands and models are reliable and best suited for the required implementation. Our goal is to help our clients source the right equipment and applications while offering competitive pricing.

Managed offsite backup solutions

Backing up your company’s critical data is essential to keeping your business protected. Libra I.T. offers multiple offsite backup solutions that are completely automated, reliable, and closely monitored. Rest easy knowing that we’re watching the status of your backups to make sure the software is performing as expected. Any identified complications that prevent your data from being secured are immediately taken care of. Our backup strategies are capable of backing up critical company data files or entire system images to our state-of-the-art data centers. Your data is encrypted as it traverses the internet, so there is no need to worry about the security of your company’s information. Our data retention policies for the selected files allows you to restore any file to any point in time going back 90 days. Here at Libra I.T. we understand the implications a company may face if their data is lost or compromised. Having an offsite backup protects you from corrupted data from viruses, human error, lost or stolen company equipment, and physical damage to your systems by fire or other means. This is one area of your company’s infrastructure you can’t afford to not take seriously. Let Libra I.T. help secure your vital data today!