Remote Assistance

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Support Services

Standard Computer Support

Libra I.T. offers first-class computer support. Our technicians will remotely connect to your computer to diagnose and assist you with any problem you may be experiencing. If the problem can’t be corrected remotely, we’ll come out and repair your system onsite. Our certified technicians provide fast & affordable business networking services and technical computer support. Let us be your IT department for a fraction of the cost of in house personnel.

Network Design & Management

After performing a full review of your company’s hardware and software network infrastructure, Libra I.T.’s staff will assess and identify critical elements that may affect your network’s reliability, security, and efficiency. Libra I.T. has extensive experience implementing proven hardware and networking methods to ensure your business stays productive, leveraging effective cutting edge technology with reliability.

Backup I.T. Support

Is your current I.T. staff overwhelmed? If your current I.T. team needs backup assistance, let our technicians lend a hand. We’ll work with your current services provider or I.T. personnel to cover the extra work load. Our technicians can easily speak the same tech language as other providers and will work with your current I.T. professionals to help resolve issues, provide support for specific projects, or be the onsite crew for a remote location.